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Who Is Tim Lyons?

Nate Norman

Tim definitely knows his stuff when it comes to gyms. His insights and lessons are spot-on and equal success in almost any gym. Stop wondering how to grow memberships and get this book!

Erik Shellenberger

Adam Johnston

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Tim Lyons is one of those rare people who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Tim is an avid gym-goer that takes his workouts as seriously as his commitment to the business of fitness. Tim is the founder and CEO of ProFit Marketing Solutions and Pulse Fitness Training Facility (est. 2009). Tim has spent the last decade as a gym owner and operator in the fitness industry and understands first-hand the challenges that local and online businesses experience in an ever-changing market place. 

As the creator of ProFit Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing and consulting company, Tim has devised industry-specific strategies to help other club owners get better results for their business. Tim is a featured speaker at conferences, workshops, and podcasts helping fitness professionals learn how to successfully operate, market, and scale their businesses. 

As a published writer, Tim has written articles on the entrepreneurship and marketing strategies for gym owners for trade journals, wellness lifestyle publications, and contributes regularly to national publications in the digital marketing industry, including Funnel Magazine. When Tim isn’t strength training, or consulting with other gym owners, he spends his time traveling, watching college football, laughing out loud at comedy shows, and at the beach with family. Early mornings, you will find Tim at the gym lifting heavy things.

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Tim is an expert in the field of growing a gym.

Whether you are just getting started in business or have been at it for years, you need to get this book. If you are a gym owner, then it is an absolute necessity. Read the book, apply what it teaches. It is full of practical content that will help any entrepreneur regardless of where they are at on their journey.

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I loved that he shared real time strategies for what is currently working for gym owners. He has

walked the walk and built a successful gym. He has the model that works and he doesn't sugar coat it. It takes hard work! He for sure is the king of leverage!

Great gems from a gym owner that has proven his success.

Tim is an expert in his field and totally knows his stuff! I love the fact that he still owns and operates his own gym while helping others elevate to be all that they can be.

Tim knows his stuff!

It's great to read business or other how to books, but the more of them that come out the harder it is to implement anything. I really like that there is a workbook at the end of each section with space for your answers vs. just a list of questions that you've got to find someplace else to write and will forget where they are.

Information made actionable.

This book is basically it's for gym owners/personal trainers that are looking to create a business not just a job. However, the information inside this book can be extremely useful for any entrepreneur. 

PICK THIS UP! If you're you want to become a better Gym owner/Entrepreneur!

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